Would you go travelling on a group trip, solo?

Solo travel and group trips are not everyone’s cup of tea. For me I’m excited and intrigued. I’ve done and enjoyed solo travel before but I’ve never been on a group trip. So I’m not surprised at how varying the reactions have been when I’ve told people I’m going to Colombia on a women’s only group trip by myself.

There’s been shock, confusion, genuine support and a lot of questions! So thought I’d share a few details for those interested or curious about how it all works and why I’m going.

What is women who travel? 

Conde nast Traveller is a luxury and life style travel magazine published by Conde Nast. https://www.cntraveller.com/?international Conde Nast Traveller launched the group Women who travel in 2017. The community has been built up through storytelling, podcasting and a Facebook group. It’s now a growing platform for like-minded women to share experiences, swap travel tips and form friendships.

The trip to Colombia will be the first of its kind for Conde Nast’s Women who travel, who will be teaming up with El Camino Travel. El Camino is a female owned company that provides trips that are immersive, support local business and take you to the heart of each destination.

For full details about the Conde Nast Women Who Travel x El Camino Colombia trip



Gentlemen don’t worry El Camino also do trips you can go on as well!


So why am I doing this without my boyfriend/alone?

Well aside from the fact it’s a women’s only trip, this wouldn’t be his idea of fun at all but for me this type of adventure and activity driven itinerary is right up my street. As for friends and family, everyone’s busy and holiday allowance is scarce and I just don’t want to wait around for anyone to commit to a trip. 

I’ve always dreamt of travelling to South America and this year I fancied doing something different and outside my comfort zone, so when I saw this trip pop up I had to take advantage of the opportunity. I’ve travelled solo before so I’m confident and comfortable with my own company. This doesn’t quite feel like a solo trip as there will be 15 other travellers, two hosts and a photographer. 

I moved to Kenya early 2018 for love so I’m no stranger to taking risks and adventure. At the same time moving for love means living and working in a location that you haven’t chosen so I’m keen to make time for myself and do things that I’ve chosen and luckily I have a supportive partner who understands and believes in this too. 

I think it’s important to take responsibility for my own happiness and I’m hopeful this trip will do just that. I’m super passionate about travel and new experiences and can’t wait to give you a full review on the pros and cons I experience on the group trip when I get back at the end of February.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions you never know a group travel trip might just be for you!

Do you have an adventurous spirit? 

Do you love discovering new countries? 

Do you enjoy stepping outside your comfort zone? 

Are you interested in making the world a better place through responsible and sustainable travel?

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