Travel Diary: Condé Nast x El Camino Women Who Travel Colombia Day 8

Comuna 13

“In the past couple of decades, the city of MedellÍn has transformed itself out of Pablo Escobar’s shadow and into an innovative new city. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Comuna 13—which was, less than 20 years ago, the most dangerous neighborhood in the world. Now, it’s the city’s most-visited destination. A local activist is going to guide us around the streets she calls home, tapping us in to Comuna 13’s history, transformation, and the impact this tourist boom has had.”

Photo credit: Amanda Villarosa

“Comuna 13 is known for its social and politically charged street art, and one of the most famous graffiti artists in the neighborhood is inviting us over to his place for lunch. We’ll dig into comida casera (“home-cooked food”) made by one of his neighbors, and hear the stories behind his increasingly well-known artworks.”


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