Travel Diary: Condé Nast x El Camino Women Who Travel Colombia Day 5 Medellín

“Adios to the Caribbean coast with a midday flight to our next destination: Medellín. Nicknamed “The City of the Eternal Spring,” this buzzing spot is always temperate, despite being in the heart of the Andes. Residents have taken the reins back post-Escobar, and given the city the Brooklyn treatment—pour-over coffee shops roast locally grown beans, Colombian designers fill hip boutiques with clothing and wares you’ll want to check a bag for, and fine dining establishments have that Latin oomph.”

Touchdown in Medellín! 

Here’s to adventures exploring & learning about this magical city, but first coffee! Favourite and cutest coffee shop – Pergamino

“Evening: Kicking off our time in the region of Paisa by learning how to cook the national dish, bandeja paisa, thanks to a local chef who will bring us into their kitchen in the young Laureles neighborhood for a cooking class.”

Delicious national dish, bandeja paisa
Photo credit: Amanda Villarosa

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